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Bye bye wallpaper...We even freehanded this recessed ceiling!

Tear It Down

Not all homes are brand spanking new.  Whether you just moved into an older home or are just looking to give an old room a new look and feel, we here at Excellence Painting in San Antonio are experts at wallpaper removal.  It may seem like a simple task, but it’s actually not.  Walls can become damaged and if the wallpaper isn’t removed right you may end up fixing things you never intended to. Our team is highly experienced in this task and will make the entire process hassle free for you.

The interior painting specialists here at Excellence Painting in San Antonio use a 4 step process for wallpaper removal:

  1. The old wallpaper is removed by gently lifting it, so there is no damage to the wall.
  2. We repair and smooth out any surface bumps or abrasions with gentle sanding.
  3. The wall or walls are cleaned and (if needed) a fresh coat of paint primer is applied.
  4. After you have chosen your beautiful new paint color, we professionally apply it to your walls!

Our expertise is seen in our work, but what really separates Excellence Painting in San Antonio is how we treat our customers. The experience you’ll get is what you would expect if your Dad, uncle or family member were to come over and work on your house. You would know that the job would be done right because family cares. Well, that’s what you become when you choose to go with us for wallpaper removal or any other of our many painting services. We treat all our customers like family, and feel that’s the way it should be.

Trust us to tear it down and paint your room or entire home exactly the way you want it.  We use only the best paints and absolutely love helping our customers achieve their home renovation goals, and wallpaper removal is just one of our many strong suits.  Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!